Nathan 6 months

Well Despite our best efforts, this blog has gone to the wayside again. But I will try and update you on all that is happening.

Obviously what everybody is most interested in would be Nathan. He is now six months old. My Mum (Grammy) seems to think that that time has gone quite quickly, but it feels like forever to me. I can’t really remember not having him. It’s been less than three years since I left high school, but it feels like years more. He is in his room right now playing on an activity mat, which is a rare moment. He is always moving, always needing to be walked or jumped or thrown in the air. He refuses to sit still on your lap or give you cuddles unless he is a few breaths away from sleep. So now that he can get around by himself it has made our lives a little bit easier. He’s not conventional crawling, but he can drag himself across the ground commando style, and if he wants something, bygosh he can get there quickly.

He’s not sitting unsupported yet. He’s getting there. I’m sure he would if I actually left him to, but I don’t trust him just yet so I’m always right behind him. He LOVES food. For at least the last two months he has wanted to down everything that he sees. We tried keeping him until six months before starting him on solids and we succeeded fairly well. Up until now he’s only had some mashed banana. He gets so cranky when he can see you eating and not sharing it with him.

He had his first taste of Ice-Cream last week. Tim and I went to Cold Rock to celebrate me getting my P’s and as I was eating mine, Nathan whipped his hand out, stuck it into my icecream and then back into his mouth pronto. It was like a lizards tongue. Needless to say, he was moved and didn’t have that opportunity again.

Tim has a lot of uni to do at the moment. We are about two weeks away from block exams, and so the assignments are coming on hard and fast. So far he’s done really well with his assignments. He’s gotten 100% on two now, so I’m very proud of him for that. Once the exams are over we can relax a bit I guess.

One of our good friends is getting married at the end of November so we are eagerly awaiting that event. Some of my friends from Cambodia are coming over, and it will be the first time I’ve seen them since I left, so I’m quite excited. I am helping with the planning and everything. I love planning weddings!

We are going to a great church in Toowoomba. It’s a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. We’ve been going up to music practice during the week as well and just having a jam with them. It’s been great to get hooked in with a church family so quickly. Just what we needed. Although it’s not a big church, there are lots and lots of little babies. It’s great to meet up with other parents and chat.

On the not so cheery side of things, we have been in to Brisbane recently to see my cousin Adriel who is in the Royal Children’s Hospital. He is two years old, and lives in North QLD. While him and his dad were helping clean out someones house, he fell over in the Kitchen and injured his head. It turns out he had a stroke. I believe they’re not sure whether the stroke caused the fall or the fall caused the stroke, but it has turned out to be quite serious. Initially he was paralysed, and they thought it would be a temporary thing and full movement would return, but it turns out its not as straigh forward as that. So he’s been flown down to Brisbane to start therapy and rehab. Because he’s young they have high hopes that he will be able to recover most of his ability, but its too early to say just yet.

This has affected me more than I thought it would. Seeing him in hospital was quite a shock. They’re a very healthy family. His mum is down with him, and as you would expect is very stressed out. If you could keep them in your prayers, we would appreciate it. His name is Adriel.

On another sad note, though not quite comparable, my parents cocaktoo died this morning. We’ve had her for 10 years, and she used to belong to a very close friend of ours that died, so she’s an important part of the family. Though she was 75 years old, we expected another couple of decades with her. I’ve always said I was going to take her when Mum and Dad died. 🙂

So that’s an update from us. Hopefully we’ll be back soon, but you won’t believe that because we have such a bad track record. Love to you all. We are really missing you guys over in Perth. Too bad we can’t be everywhere all at once.

Xx Sara

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