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So, it’s been nearly 4 months since our last post, and Nathan has grown so much in that short time! Just the other day he rolled over from his tummy to his back. Then today he decided to sleep on his side, twice. His arms and legs are growing strong as he attempts to crawl. And he’s moved in to OO size clothing. He is very alert, tracks people as they move around a room, and is fully of giggles when you play with him (and he isn’t grumpy).

Anyway, God moves in strange and wonderful ways. Tomorrow Sara and I sign the lease for a nice 3 bedroom house, set on 5 acres of property out in Blenheim. For those wondering where Belnheim is, it’s a little spot near Laidley and Forest Hill. There isn’t much point giving out our address ether, Google maps is wrong and can’t find us! We initially applied for a much larger house, essentially a 4 bedroom, 2 study, 2 bathroom, 2 kitchen place. The idea was to rent something large that we could afford by ourselves, so that when Jess and Bunsom get married, they could have a place to stay, or if other people needed a place, the room was there for them. So we applied for this place, up on the hill in Gatton, overlooking town, designed for giants upstairs and hobbits downstairs, recently renovated with a large kitchen and nice new bathroom. The agents approved our application, but the owner knocked us back. Apparently, the owner has knocked back every application in the last few weeks, so we were told by the agents not to be discouraged, and to keep looking at their properties as essentially we were now “pre-approved”. They really liked our application, and strangely enough, most people in the office know who we are now too!

So we kept looking around for houses, visited a few in Toowoomba, had some of them crossed off the list before we even got home as the agents got tenants for them that day! Kept looking through the realestate websites to try and find something that wasn’t dodgy, failing down, or too small. Ideally it needed a big kitchen, and nice large spacey rooms. Then, there was one of the realestate website that we’d been “pre-approved” for, that didn’t have any pictures but sounded nice. So we drove out, had a look from the road, then called the agents, and discovered there was a viewing in an hour! So an hour later we viewed the house with about 5 other families, and really liked it. So did a number of other families from what we heard. We talked to the agents, and thanks to our pre-approval, they could put our application to the owner the same day. And we got it! So thanks to us having applied for a house already, and being knocked back, we got this one even with the competition. God knew what he was doing all along, because had we had to wait for our application to get approved, we would have had to compete, instead God had won the house for us already! AND, it’s about $3000 cheaper a year for us compared to last year, and has gas cooking and hot water, which is something I wanted, and a deep bath for Sara! It’s a very simple country style house, which we rather like. And while the kitchen isn’t anywhere near as big as I would like, it has a large builtin pantry, and has a nice wooden finish. And plenty of space for the kids to run and play in! It has large chook pens already built too, so hopefully we can get some chooks, and have fresh free range eggs!

In other news, our Car is registered and running nicely. It drives nicely on the dirt roads around the place. Sara’s mum thinks it’s a bit of a Tank, which it is, but I like it. I’m slowly settling back into Uni, given that it’s distance ed, it’s taking a lot more effort, and a lot more encouragement from Sara, to keep me going. Also, we got a webcam with birthday money, so now we can Skype people so they can see how Nathan is growing, and changing.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hopefully our next post won’t be 4 months away, and we’ll get better at keeping updates regular. Feel free to check out some recent photos of Nathan on our Flickr account. http://flickr.com/photos/linuxalien


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