Short Update

For anyone who doesn’t yet know, We are moving back to QLD by the middle of the year. We are aiming to be out of Perth by the end of May to work on the farm for a few weeks, before flying to QLD.
A lot of thought and preparation has gone into this decision and it will be sad to leave Perth, especially our friends and family, and great Church, which we’ve only just started getting hooked into. But it’s the right thing for our family at this time in our life.
We have sold Billy (our car) already, and intend to sell the Micra soon as well. Seeing as the baby is due any day now, trying to catch up just at the moment will be difficult. We hope to see everyone before we go, which gives everyone an opportunity to meet our new baby too before we leave.
Sara’s Mum is flying in this weekend, and our house is all clean in readiness for the baby’s arrival.

On other matters, we have recently designed and launched a website for Bunsom to showcase and provide a platform to sell his artwork and other products. Currently there are T-Shirts and Badges available online, so feel free to go check out his store, the proceeds of which go to supporting local missionaries in Cambodia.

God Bless

Tim and Sara (and Zelky)

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