Casual Saturday

We took Nathan for his very first swim today.  Our friends have a pool and so we took advantage of the very humid day to take him for a dip.  We don’t have a swim nappy yet, so we just used one of his old cloth nappies and put a fairly tight pilcher over it, and that worked fine.  He enjoyed the water.  He wasn’t all happy and giggly, or upset.  Just very tame.  It’s pretty hard to phase this little guy.

We went for a drive this afternoon to relieve Tim of his assignment stress (the two due this week) and checked out some of the back roads.  In other words 4wding.  It was pretty rough terrain and we got to a point where we couldn’t go any further and had to reverse out.  We were following the railway line road.  On our way home Tim said the brakes felt strange.  Upon closer inspection it looks like we’ve killed a brake line.  It looks like there’s been a slow leak for a while, and this just finished it off.  So mum and dad have lent us a car to get to church tomorrow and we shall get it fixed asap.

Vanity, one of mum and dads kids, turned 14 today so they had a BBQ party over at their place tonight.  Just their kids alone is a pretty mad party most days so the extra crew were fairly loud.  My ears were completely blocked from the swimming so the noise was reduced for me.  🙂

Mum and Dad are discussing how to bury Morry, our cockatoo.  Dad has suggested putting her in the freezer until future technology provides alternatives.  Fine until the freezer accidentally gets turned off.

Anyway, I really am trying to keep this more up to date, even with useless information that I am sure you don’t really care about.  If it bothers you, get Tim to take you off the mailing list and you can just check back when you want to.

XX  Sara

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