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It has been a very long week or two and I’m glad that it is behind us.  The two weeks just gone were exam weeks.  Tim had one the first week, and three this week.  It’s the first time he has been to the campus in Toowoomba.  He really liked it.  If the need to study on campus comes up, I don’t think he will mind.  There’s even free parking!

Jessica’s wedding is fast approaching.  Two weeks from today I believe.  There is a lot of last minute planning going on, and I’m seeing a fair bit of them.  There was an industrial accident in the local area yesterday and the wife and daughter of the man who died were our caterers and hairdressers, so we are having to find others to replace them.  Not fun for us, but a billion times worse for them.

Her fiance is from Cambodia and he arrived about two weeks ago.  It’s been great to catch up with him, and others from Cambodia are slowly starting to arrive.  It’s been incredible to catch up with really great friends of mine from years ago.  To introduce them to my husband and my son!

Nathan is growing more and more every day.  He has become a real mummy’s boy in the last few weeks.  Tim and I play a game; He starts to cry with Tim, upon which he gets handed to me and he zips up.  Then I immediately pass him back to Tim and he starts crying again.  It’s like an automatic on/off switch.  🙂

He is a lot of fun to be around.  He is interacting with everything and giggling a lot.  The other day we had our first experience of him doing something for laughs.  He had reached up to pull a toy from an activity mat that his Grammy (my mum) bought him, and he let it go and it bopped him on the head.  We laughed and he laughed, and then when he realised we had stopped laughing, he turned around, pulled and released again, and looked back to check if we were laughing again.  This game continued for about five minutes, becoming increasingly funny by the fact that he was so amused.

Another milestone this week,  first tooth is coming through.  He hasn’t been that fussy about it either.  He’s been a bit grumpy, but I’m pretty certain that has more to do with the late nights that we’ve had.  The little guy is down to two sleeps a day.

Anyway, there is a lot coming up in the next few weeks, all of it kind of building up to this Nov 27th wedding.  It’s very good having Tim home again.

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