Christmas! And the end of 2008…

It’s late Christmas evening, and I’m sitting up after everyone has gone to bed, wasting my life away on the computer. Time for myself  is rare to find these days, so it’s a few moments of peace and quiet that I’m very grateful for.  I’ve facebooked all my American friends, just to prewarn them that Christmas will be a good day, because I’ve already had it of course, and now I’m looking through my photos of the year.

Christmas this year has been a challenge.  It’s my first Christmas home in about three years, and Tim’s first time away from home ever.  So it was different for both of us.  We’ve both been sick for the last few days, trying to recover before the crazy days hit, but neither of us made it.

My family decided to span Christmas presents over about three days this year, because we had a foster kid come and join us on Christmas Eve.  So it was very relaxed this year.  All of the kids, and we had eight under eighteen this year, myself included, opened their presents after dinner.  We did most of the pressies on Christmas eve.  We had a storm that night, which is extremely unusual for Christmas, and so all of Christmas day, it was relatively cool.  Bizarre.  The lights even went out, so Tim went and pulled out his gas lantern, and stunned us all with his incredible brightness.  It was a load of fun.

We have rellies showing up in a few days, so now that Christmas is over, we’re already moving on. The tree will be pulled down tomorrow most likely, because my brothers birthday is the first day of the new year.  So Christmas is over, and the years just about done.

And to be honest, I’m glad.  It’s been an intense year.

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