So what now… The weather???

It’s an absolutely stinkin hot day.  But that’s the weather these days isn’t it.  We were watching the weather last night, and our side of the country came up first.  36 degree heat.  Then it zoomed out and showed Perth, and Tim and I simultaneously groaned.  Those of you in Perth presently would know why.  The forecast for today is 40.  Now let me tell you, that’s just typical.  My first day ever in your wonderful state was boxing day 07, and it was 42+ degrees.  What a welcome hey?

So I go on my facebook, and the only wall post I have is from a great friend of mine in Michigan, America, informing me that the forecast for him was -30C.  I’ve only seen snow once in my life.  My family went on a holiday to Jyndabyne in NSW a few years ago, in my little Nissan Micra.  We were driving up the range, and it was starting to snow, so I wind my window down, to put the thermometer outside to see how cold it is.  As I’m winding it down, it gets to a point, sticks, and then falls down, so that the window is completely open.  As hard as I try to wind it back up, it won’t work.  Apparently the snow froze the glue, making it brittle, so it came off the runner.  So we spent the whole day with the window down in crazy snow.  It was fun. Wet.  And very very cold.  But apparently not as cold as Michigan.

Once we got home, Dad put it back up, and took the handle off.  Two and a half years later, Tim comes along and spends a day fixing it.  Thanks Timmy.  That was my Christmas present apparently 🙂 !!!

So we’re heading off to Perth tomorrow.  I’m supposed to be packing, and wedding plans are supposed to be coming together.  And that’s all happening bit by bit.  Tim is out doing a days work for a friend.  So it’s all fairly quiet…  Well my bubble of the room is fairly quiet. If you ignore the craziness thats right behind me in our lounge room right now.  We’ve got everything from chess, to reading, to playing with cars.  Timmy has made our house count go down by one, and we’ve managed to replace him with yet another family of four.

My aunt and uncle are down from North QLD for a few days.  Them, and their seven young children.  Add that to my family, with seven children, Tim, and this family that has just arrived for lunch, and you come up with a total of 9 adults, 13 children, and a baby.  My house truly is a mad house.

So yesterday we went out on an excursion.  My dad, aunty and uncle, and all of the children.  Wet and Wild, on an extremely hot day.  It was a blast.  The main water park of the gold coast.  We’ve been doing quite a lot of theme parking lately, for locals anyway.  A month ago, we were shouted to a day at Dreamworld with the beautiful Erin & Rachael.  God’s making sure that we have our leisure time.  It’s great.

So I guess I really should get back to packing.  But before I go. Aaron and Meghan, really great friends of mine, have a five week old, gorgouesly handsome baby boy.  His name is Hayden Michael. Check out his Photos. We can’t wait to get home and meet our little nephew Isaac.  Just a few more hours really.  Which reminds me.  I really should get back to packing.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.  I should do it more often.

Lots of love,

Oh, and Happy New Year, about 16 days too late!



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