Welcome to our new ‘Pure White’ blog.  This is expected to become our permanent family website, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

Tim and I are in Queensland at the moment with my family, celebrating Christmas.  We are both currently looking for flexible work, as Tim’s contract with Binga is up, and we are flying to Perth in a few weeks.  It’s been a long time since we’ve kept reliable updates on our blog, so we’ll try harder in the future, I promise.

Things have been pretty crazy around here since I got back from Taiwan.  I’ve been kept busy with the family and organising the wedding, but it’s coming together really nicely.  It’s always nice to see that God’s in control of these things.  We had our engagement party a few weeks ago, and then we went on a short holiday to Lamington National Park in Qld with my sister.  It was good to get a break.  Christmas has come and gone, and now there’s only a few short days left of the year.

So welcome to the new year, to our lives, and to our new blog.  We hope you are truly blessed this year.

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