Moving house (again)

So, we seem to move on average every 10 months. And once again, we are moving!

For the last few months I’ve been commuting to Brisbane every day for my new job. At first the commute was ok, but it quickly became too much, and it felt like all I did at home was sleep, before once again starting the cycle. The commute was roughly 1 1/2 hours in the morning, and up to 2 hours in the afternoon depending on traffic.

So on the weekend, with some help from friends, we moved most of our stuff to a 3 bedroom townhouse in Ferny Grove. Surprisingly, we have a lot more room than I expected. We have a small enclosed courtyard for the kids to play in, and while probably not big enough to have the swing set and trampoline, it is big enough for the kids to play with bikes, toy mowers, tonka trucks, and balls. There are even tree’s in it which have already been used to make a blanket fort!

The boys are in a “loft” room, which is big enough for them to have the majority of their toys, and their beds, without it getting too cramped. I think they are already enjoying being able to have the trains setup with huge complex layouts and not having to pack it away every day. We have a fairly small bedroom with a built in robe, which will struggle to have anything other than our king size bed in it. Currently the bed is in the garage as we want to modify it so we can actually get it upstairs! Lastly, we have a small nursery room, which will be setup for the baby.

Our laundry is in the bathroom, which will take some getting used to. And our kitchen/dining/lounge area is all combined downstairs.

We are 2 streets away from the railway station, making for a very convenient walk in the morning. We have shops walking distance away. And church is 10 minutes down the road. This “convenience” will be nice, but is very different to what we are used to, so will take some time to get used to. It’s odd not having to have a freezer full of bread and milk.

Hopefully we’ll be here for awhile, we thought our last move was the last for a long time, and apparently we were wrong. Lets hope this is the last for a long time!

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