Saturday Morning

So this has been a really long week. I’m a little more ready to have a mummy break than I usually am by the end of the week. After a week of sleeping with a child on me while trying to protect the child in me, I was very physically exhausted.

But last night, Nathan slept the whole night through, in his own bed! We woke up at 4.30 to a massive thunderstorm, which was beautiful to lie and listen to, but the boys amazingly slept straight through it.  When he woke up, he had a smile on his face and he went to the lounge room to get his slippers by himself. When he came back in, he was super happy. He said to us, “There are no crocodiles anymore! They’re all gone!”

So I think we have our kid back. No doubt he’ll still be cautious, but the joy in our family today just from having everyone home and lovely cool weather and two happy boys, is almost palpable (though I’m still ready for a mummy break!)

In other news, we had a check up for White 3.0 this week, and everything is looking great! Which is a massive relief after the hiccups at the start of the pregnancy. My blood pressure is fantastic, and the baby is growing really well, much more even at this point than the last two times. Everything is indicating a happy and healthy little one.

Now to start discussing names. This is the part that Tim hates the most. It is a massive struggle in our household! Nathan has announced that his favourite name is ‘Alanpie’ after hearing me suggest ‘Malachi’ in a long list of names. I’m not sure we’ll be taking his advice on this one. 🙂

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