Things that have happened lately

  • Tim bought his first new desktop computer in 8 years – quite impressive for a programmer.
  • Nathan recognised and said the word Jesus
  • We have clean drinking water and a toilet at our place
  • Elisha has decided he will only fall asleep when our friend Shannon is giving him cuddles.
  • Tim and I stopped studying uni for this semester
  • God has told me this next season of my life is all about learning to have fun. I struggle with that.
  • Tim realised that he’s stopped taking photos as much now because he has someone to share the moment with so he doesn’t need to capture it
  • Elisha is out of 0000 and into 000
  • Nathan fell off a plank trying to ride his car down it and got caught by his ankle, leaving him hanging upside down until Grampy saved him
  • I’m reading a book about perfectionism that is changing my life – When Your Best isn’t Good Enough (Kevin Leman)
  • Nathan can count from 1 to 12, but he always skips 4. So if he counts 9 cups, there are actually only 8.
  • Tim received a parcel he has been looking forward to getting (and consequently I’ve been listening to him rave about) for months and months now. It’s a tiny little computer.
  • Eli loves having his nappy off. He also loves showers. Unfortunately, that’s about all he loves. He doesn’t even love milk.
  • Nathan’s favourite songs are Jump on the Grapes and Open, Shut Them.
  • I bought myself a coat from the ladies section – this is actually a big deal.
  • We all went to our church family camp. It was awesome. That is all.
  • Nathan is trying to do school work with Meggy
  • I’ve been learning how to respect my husband more, all the time and not just when it suits me.
  • I drove all the way from Lennox Heads to Forest Hill. This is a big sign of my growth over the last few years.
  • Nathan gives Eli cuddles all the time, and Elisha returns his cuddles with big smiles.
  • I went on a camp with some of the ladies from around our area. We prayed on the beach. It was awesome.
  • Nathan has been praying with us for different people and situations. His little Amen rocks my world.
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