The Crazy Adventure Continues

So, we had hoped to come home from Perth into an almost ready house…. As anyone who has built or renovated a house would know, nothing ever happens as planned! We did however get out of the rental by the time we left for Perth!

We got home to no working cars, Sara’s dad had taken ours up to North QLD for the school holidays as his car had stopped working when he went to leave. So the first few days were spent fixing cars. At least they were easy fixes, just inconvenient. We ordered the acrylic for our Bathroom, and before we knew it, it was time for our Church camp. After an amazing, but busy, weekend of Church camp, we are finally back into working on the house, and things have moved quickly!

More and more of the walls have been prepared for painting, but there are still more to do. We still need to prepare all the windows as well. The bathroom has been progressing steadily, and finally we have a flushing toilet, with a toilet seat! (Apparently our previous toilet, without seat, with bucket flush, didn’t count). The cold water is now running, and the hot water system frame is ready for installing. Once the hot water system is installed then we’ll have running hot water too! The solar panels are installed, but until the power meter is changed for a smart meter, we can’t use them. 🙁 The bathroom acrylic for the shower/bath has been cut and is ready to install, so soon we’ll get an idea of what it looks like, we’re a little worried the colour won’t be as bright as we thought, but until we can take the protective covers off the acrylic, we can’t tell!

Having power (without having to start a generator) has been amazing, and now having running water at the turn of a tap, is almost equally as amazing! We’ve also fox proofed the chook pen, although it’s only a small one for now, and Molly who is supposed to guard them, has been trying to eat them!

Nathan has been growing in to such a little boy, its awesome to watch. He now talks lots, although still likes to parrot everything you say. He loves Elisha, and tries to help us look after him. Elisha has really started to develop his character, and no longer looks like a little newborn. He laughs and gurgles and is just so cute. He often gets passed around from girl to girl, especially at church and worship group. Sometimes we have to use excuses to get him back! He’s not letting us have as much sleep as we’d like, but at least we are getting more than a few months back.

It’s been a busy day for me, and I’m tired, so that’s all for now. We’ll try to keep the blog updated more often!

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