Perfect Days

The last few weeks have seen us preparing for the birth of our newest member. After being forced to cut down on things rather suddenly when all the craziness with babies growth occurred, we have been having a lot more time on our hands. Well I have been. Tim has worked for the last two weeks for his old boss who broke his hand playing cricket, but he has been getting home and heading to mum and dads block most afternoons to get stuff done.

Today was the most incredible family day ever. We woke up, and had a lazy cuddly morning in bed, until Nathan got frustrated and wanted breakfast. After breakfast we headed back to bed. I had some labour nigglings yesterday afternoon and really thought that things might be heating up, so when I put Nathan to bed last night, I really did expect that it would be the last night we said goodnight to just one of our children. But this morning there was nothing, so we decided to make a family day of it.

We got all dressed up and went to Toowoomba to see a movie for the first time as a family. Kids under two are free, so we figured we had five days to get his ticket in. We went and saw the Lorax, and Nathan loved it! He was so still and attentive, sitting on his cushion, drinking his sars cordial and eating popcorn. He giggled in the funniest and often inappropriate spots, for instance when the first tree got chopped down, and danced to the musical numbers. It was just a beautiful morning out.

We headed to the shops afterwards and finally bought a name book. Names are still not even remotely decided, in fact we think we may have to go back to the drawing board. Ran into an old friend who I have been thinking about a whole lot lately, which was very unexpected but made my day. We had lunch, Tim cleaned the church and we checked out a kitchen for our place at mum and dads. Came home via my folks place and made home-made pizzas for dinner. It just feels like one of those days that I want to capture forever, and relive over and over.

I feel like every day in the last week or two has been like that. I’ve been feeling great, and I’m realising how much different life is when I take it a little slower. When I have time to make pancakes for breakfast and keep the house clean. When I can sit down with Nathan and play with his blocks and puzzles. His favourite toy at the moment is some flashcards that I borrowed from mums home-schooling supplies. Now that he’s talking, he pulls us by the hand and takes us to the bench with the cards on it, and makes us sit with him and speak through his cards. I just get so much joy from watching him grow, and living life with him.

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