Baby & Nathan’s Wish List

Some people have asked us about things that we need or want for the babies arrival, so I have started making a list. When baby bonus comes in then I will start grabbing some of these things, and some of them are considerably pricey, and I’m not expecting anyone to buy anything for us. Just for those who asked, here it is.

  1. Summer cot sheets (We have predominantly flannelette)
  2. Change Mat Cover
  3. Phil & Teds Nest Bassinet
  4. sBaby Beehind Magic-Alls Nappies with Snaps
    We are probably going to get a bulk pack to bring the price down a bit. They are $30 a nappy, but we’ve loved using cloth nappies, and just need some more to do it full time.
  5. Hotmilk Nursing Bras
  6. Fabric for Baby Quilt

I am hoping to have a baby warming soon after our little one arrives rather than having a baby shower. This will hopefully give you all a chance to meet and cuddle little White Junior, and share our family’s joy.

Nathan turns 2 in a few weeks, 20 April. As of yet, we don’t have anything really planned. I’m waiting to see if I can hold out on having this baby until then. Jokes. We will probably have an afternoon tea with some friends and family, maybe crash my sisters birthday party. 🙂 The more casual we leave it, the less running around and crazy work we will have to do with our little newborn. As far as presents for him, I’m looking to get him toys to stimulate his imagination. So his list at the moment is –

Wooden Peg Jigsaw Puzzles
Wooden Train Tracks
(To add to his Ikea set)
Size 1 Shorts
Washable Markers
Large Chunky Plastic Farm or Jungle Animals
– Does anybody know what I mean? We had them as kids and had endless fun with them.
– If somebody wanted to make him some. I’m slack and haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Slide – This is just a big wish list item for him. 🙂
Books –
To add to the pile of a hundred stories I read to him a day.

We got given some play equipment a few weeks ago, and he absolutely loves it. He’s such a little boy, a little monkey. He’s not even two, and he’s going skitso jumping on the trampoline and climbing on the bars of the swing set. Not swinging, that’s far too boring.

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