March 21st 2009

Sara Watson & Timothy White

Sara & Tim

Our Wedding Ceremony was at Spring Bluff Railway Station, March 21st 2009, 10am.

This beautiful event went well, thanks to the help of many people working behind the scenes, setting up the reception and venue, catering, running around picking up ice, flowers, and doing anything that needed doing, captured by a multitude of photographers, and enjoyed by all!

We left the amazing wedding and headed to the sunshine coast for a few days, before flying to New Zealand for a week of fun and relaxation! The tourist highlights of Zorbing and White Water Rafting would be happily repeated time and time again if only cost and time would allow!

We are now living in Perth, happily married and ready for what God has for us next!

Thanks to everyone that helped make our wedding a huge success, and heaps of fun!

God Bless

Tim and Sara

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