Smile for me sunshine
Run rings around my head
Build me a castle in the sky
Among the clouds
Away from it all

Introduce me to those strange creatures in your head
Take me into your world
Teach me to live like you do
Believe in me, and I’ll believe in you
Give me back that childlike faith

See those dancing shoes
The ones upon your feet
They were once mine
I waltzed and flyed

I believed that I was the strongest
That I couldn’t be crushed
I was the best dancer in the whole wide world
Oh how I was wrong

Please don’t be wrong sunshine
Climb those stairs to heaven
Befriend the angels
Make them play with you
Hold my hand sunshine
Take me there too

Build a castle in the sky
Paint it with wild colours
Blue and green and orange
Purple and yellow and red
The colours of life

Dance your way
Don’t ever lose your shoes
Rise higher than I ever did
Hold my hand, and take me with you

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