Friday Night – Rachael Blackley

On Thursday night I texted you,
Saying homework had me bound
On Thursday Night you texted me
“Don’t worry I’ll be round”

On Thursday night I slept with ease
After study took its piece
On Thursday Night you slept with ease
Happy and in peace.

On Friday Night you smiled at all
You giggled, chuckled and grinned
On Friday Night you laughed as if,
The world had never sinned

On Friday night you tidied up
That dreaded room of yours
On Friday Night I tidied too,
Vacuuming my floors.

On Friday Night you dressed up nice
Your jeans replaced your dress
On Friday Night I dressed right down
My P.J.’s all a mess.

On Friday Night I huddled up
Snug in my bed tucked tight
On Friday Night you huddled up
Preparing for the night

On Friday night you said “I love you”
A million times or more
On Friday Night I didn’t say it
I should have done before.

On Friday Night the ambulances
Ran across that street
On Friday night the suburb stopped
And ran across to greet

On Friday Night you fell asleep
While the broken pieces fell
On Friday Night you went to heaven
And left us here in hell.

On Friday Night you met with angels
And by His feet was sleeping
On Friday night some got told
In sudden bursts of weeping

On Saturday the sun came up
Seemingly unaware
On Saturday I woke up
And didn’t have a care

On Saturday my world went dark
When on the phone I heard
That on Friday night you left us
And were flying like a bird

On Saturday the tissues flowed
Grief dug deep into our soul.
On Saturday I shuddered sick
In the wake of its tragic toll

The days to come were hectic
They just could simply not be true
That the days to come no longer held
That princess I once knew

The days still to come are painful
As time ticks endlessly on
The days still to come are however blessed
By the memory of a treasured one

Rosy’s days are joyous,
Heaven holds her dear
Rosy’s days may be gone on earth
But in heaven she’s always near

We love you Rosy-Posy-Pie
We know God’s grace does save
So dance free you gorgeous girl
Watch down on us and wave

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