Gracelyn’s Year

Gracelyn Orange Tree

Amazingly, it’s been almost a year since we last blogged. Apparently some people rely on our nlog for updates, and as we aren’t on Facebook much, they don’t know much of our last 12 months! Last night we had a birthday party for Gracelyn’s first birthday, the last 12 months seem to have gone so quickly! As part of her party, we planted an orange tree for her. What should have been easier just kept getting harder. Firstly, the spade we bought was useless. After using an old hatchet to remove the grass, we could make progress. But then, we hit a stormwater pipe! (We started far away from where the pipes we knew about were). Luckily the useless spade didn’t damage it. On our second attempt we got further, but then the bottom of the hole was clay, so we had to find some sand to help with drainage so we didn’t end up with a swimming pool for the tree. But finally, the orange tree was planted. Hopefully it grows quickly and gives us lovely oranges.

So much has happened over the last 12 months. Around March last year we moved to Goodna, to be closer to Sara’s parents, closer to where we could afford to buy, but still close enough to work. Over the year we continued to save, and kept looking at houses to find the right one. Finally, in August we found a house that we could afford, that we could improve (but not so bad that I’d need to be fixing it constantly), and that had a backyard and tree’s. We settled in early November, and moved in the week before Christmas. But with such a busy holiday season, including a flyby trip to Perth for a friends wedding, it’s only the last few weeks that we’ve actually been home enough to start making it our home. Nathan loves the paths around the side and front of the house. Riding his scooter up and down the “race track”. The “veggie garden” down the back has become the Tonka Truck construction zone. Elisha and Nathan love making “camp fires” with the bark and twigs the beautiful gumtrees drop. Thankfully, they haven’t asked to light their camp fires and are content with just building a pile of sticks. We also have a Macadamia nut tree that needs some pruning into something usable, it’s currently thing and tall instead of wide and short. I’m looking forward to Macadamia nut season, and maybe then we can light the boys camp fires to roast some nuts.

Hopefully that gives you a little taste of what we have been doing. I’d like to try and write short updates every couple of weeks, instead of trying to write big updates. And I’m certainly not going to try and squeeze our last 12 months into a single post, that would be too much to read!

That’s all for now.


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