New Mummy of 3

So now I’m a mummy of three little ones. It hasn’t been that much of a transition from two. I think I’ve probably been giving myself a lot of grace again. We’ve had a few days where I’ve just stayed in bed most of the day with little Gracelyn and cuddled and fed while I’ve utilised the TV as babysitter. I normally hate to do that, but at the moment I think we all need the downtime.

I’ve been using my phone with the alarm on it as a time keeper for Nathan who can’t yet tell the time. I can send him and Eli into their bedroom with the alarm sent for 20 minutes and they will play until the buzzer goes off. It’s actually been quite effective.

Gracey is a darling. She is super sweet, and I’m convinced that those little smiles she gives me are real. I just cannot believe that they so coincidentally occur when I’m smiling and talking to her and are just ‘gas.’ She sleeps a lot, cries very little and is just happy and content most of the time. She has decided in the last half a week that she likes being walked around and cuddled by mummy or daddy, which is very understandable, so that has made her a little bit more ‘work’ so to speak, but she’s just such a perfect and healthy little baby.


The boys adore her, a little too much I think sometimes. They have invented a new form of affection which we have dubbed ‘hug wrestling’ and they seem very keen on bestowing this upon her. Nathan is loving his role as the ‘big kid’ of the family. He is often coming out with statements such as ‘Both of the kids are asleep now,’ or ‘You can go out and I’ll look after the kids.’


I’m a bit more watchful of Elisha who hasn’t got that role. He’s needing lots of hugs and attention. I’m glad that he comes to me for that though, rather than just feeling lonely and overlooked. He’s very good at coming and asking for you when he needs you.


We went out camping at my parents block on the weekend for my birthday which was last week. Gracey was in the portable bassinet in the double swag with me, while the boys were in a tent. It was very wet when we were setting up, but the rain eased up after a few hours and the weekend was actually delightfully cool. We roasted marshmallows, and the boys went on ‘adventure walks’ with some of the other kids that came down on Saturday. Even the campfire managed to be lit despite the pouring rain. My highlight was grabbing a half hour sleep in the hammock in the shade while the others looked after the boys. It was simultaneously relaxing and tiring, as holidays generally are.

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I just love watching Tim and the boys in that environment. It’s so natural and there’s so much joy and peace. Nathan and Elisha were making ‘soup’ in the bucket of water that we keep next to the fire, adding grass, leaves and rocks and mixing it with a stick. Our old dog Molly who lives with mum and dad now on the property came down with us as well. Everyone just seems to calm down when we’re out there. I miss having that.

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Trying to capture that peace and calm is something that I’m working on trying to achieve here in the city now that we’ve moved. It’s something that God is walking and talking me through a lot, but is easier said than done with three kids under four.

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