Monday morning normality?

So even though boys ended up in our bed last night again, we had a much better sleep than the night before. We even slept till almost 7am!

Nathan is acting more normal today. While still hesitant about doing some things first thing after he woke up, he’s now walking about on the floor, and playing outside. He still wanted to sit on Sara’s lap for breakfast, and didn’t want to walk initially. Now it’s more of a fearfulness than a paranoia.

And then he saw a ball under the house that he wanted and he put his shoes on and went under the house to fetch the ball! That’s our normal Nathan! He’s still clingy, but doing much better. We’ll see how this afternoon goes, as yesterday morning started well but went down hill. We’re thinking that as he gets tired (and I’m sure he’s both physically and emotionally exhausted from Saturday too) he gets more fearful, which is a normal reaction for kids when tired. Hopefully we can get an afternoon sleep to happen and that’ll help with bed time tonight.

Keep praying for a speedy recovery and that this will all fade away to just a faint memory.

Thanks for your continued support.

Nathan getting the ball from under the house

Nathan getting the ball from under the house

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2 Responses to Monday morning normality?

  1. Alex says:

    Great news guys. praying for continued recovery as those fearful memories fade.

  2. Joanna says:

    thanks for update guys. Great to hear that things seem to be improving. We are continuing to pray for little Nathan. He’s been on my heart all day. Love to your whole family..stu&jo

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