Father’s Day

Daddy has arrived home from Vietnam, and we’ve had a great few days hanging out with him and celebrating Father’s Day before he headed back to work this morning. Nathan was very excited to pick him up from the airport and has spent a great deal of time talking about the ‘kids at the school’ and asking to see where Vietnam is on the map.

Father’s Day here was a great one. We haven’t really celebrated it much in the past, but I’m becoming very intentional about having fun celebrations and honouring people. We talked about lots of different daddy’s that we knew and what made them awesome. We made daddy presents and wrapping paper. Nathan is very craft, he loves painting and making things so he was absolutely in his element doing that.

Then we had a father’s day ‘party’ with Daddy and Grampy and the family. Of course a party isn’t complete without balloons and a cake, so Nathan had fun decorating and getting things ready. It was very relaxing evening with family, and miraculously my kitchen managed to stay clean throughout the whole event, thanks to a lot of help! Elisha was so amusing in his attempts to blow out the candles.

Daddy and his boys on Father's Day

Daddy and his boys on Father’s Day

Since that day, we have a little book about birthdays that Eli has insisted we read him. He’s become an enthusiastic little reader these days, and the last time we read the birthday book he was very keenly trying to blow out the candle on the page. He’s started talking a lot too, and when reading a book about animals, he will say dog, cat, horse, duck, mouse, cow and a range of other sounds. He’s growing up very quickly. No longer a little baby, but a little boy.

As I’m enjoying this time of family, our little panda has started making itself known to me in the moments when I’m still enough to notice its movements.  It’s a feeling I never get over, those early gentle rolls and kicks.  

Nathan just wanted to tell everybody “Elisha!”  And that’s all!  🙂

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