Our New Addition

We are so excited to announce to the world that our family is expanding!

Now before you all jump out of your chairs, this may not be such a big deal for you.  We are not pregnant (collective sigh of disappointment!) but we do have a new car!!!

This is a HUGE deal for us!!  We have been battling and struggling through car issue after car issue on car after car for about the last twelve months.  Many issues have just come out of the blue or been pretty much unfixable through no fault of our own and the stress on our pockets has been pretty, well, stressful.

Since my brother unsuccessfully test floated the last unboat (and by that I mean car) that I had been using, we desperately needed a second car.  I (Sara) am driving frequently to and around Toowoomba for midwifery related stuff and Tim really needs to be able to get the boys to things.

So here we are!  The proud owners of a beautiful 2003 Toyota Camry Altise.  It’s done just over 100,000 kms and has only been driven by a pensioner.  I’m pretty sure we will rack up another 100,000 in no time at all.  It fits three car seats along the back seat (once again, don’t go getting any ideas… we’re just future proofing) and our double swag in the boot for camping trips!

We are so incredibly grateful for all the support carwise we have had over the last twelve months.  To everyone who lent us cars, Shannon, Andrew & Krystelle, Mum & Dad… we truly appreciate it and we could not have gotten by without you.  To Tim B for selling us your baby – a mazda 323 that is as old as I am – at a fraction of what she was truly worth.  She is a magnificant beast.  Her name is Shelby by the way.

We thank Tim’s parents for lending us the remaining money that we needed to finalise the payment on this car.  It’s the first time we’ve been in debt in a while, and as horrible a feeling as it is, we do appreciate it.

Nathan already loves “Mummy’s Car.”  I cleverly introduced it to him as such and it has stuck, although it will be the kids car so it comes with the job.  Tim is doing more kid stuff this semester, so he’ll get it most of the time.  🙁  This car issue is just one area and way that God has been proving He is ever faithful to us.

So Mummy & Daddy are a little more happy about this car then the kids... but everyone looked at the camera first time!

So Mummy & Daddy are a little more happy about this car then the kids… but everyone looked at the camera first time!

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