Best Toddler in the World!

Nathan and I have been having lots of adventures this week, cooking, playing on the trains at the park, shopping. It’s amazing to watch him grow up.

We were out getting some supplies for me to start sewing (things like scissors and thread) and Nathan kept wanting to touch all of the buttons, so I sat him down against a pole and asked him to stay there, and he sat quietly watching us for about fifteen minutes. The ladies at the shop were very impressed. He just blows me away time and time again with how well behaved and kind he is.

While playing at the park the other day, there was a little girl sitting on her own watching the other kids play, and Nathan went and plonked himself beside her, gave her a smile and just sat with her for a few minutes. It was incredible cute.

His cleaning obsession is working out fantastically well for us too. Every night before bed, he puts his toys in the right shelf and his books all neatly away. It really bugs him to have anything out of place. We sat on the couch the other night and he cleaned up the whole lounge room by himself. 🙂 I know, slave labour with a 22 month old right? But he has become such a capable little boy.

We made banana choc chip muffins the other day, and he stood on a chair, and poured all the ingredients in, mashed the banana with a fork and stirred all the ingredients through. He can get all the parts of his breakfast out and on the table now, weetbix, milk, bowl and spoon, buckles himself into his chair and waits for someone to put it all together for him.

He is constantly asking for more independence and I am feeling so confident in giving him more responsibility. It blows me away how much he can do, and how well behaved he is for a nearly two year old.


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