Looking forward to what this year will bring!

So we haven’t made New Years resolutions this year, but we have made plans for out new year! One of those plans is to blog regularly again. So here is a short blog letting you know what has been happening, and what is coming up!

Firstly, for those who don’t know, we are expecting another baby! This child is due in April, and we are looking forward to adding another member to our family. Because of this pregnancy, Sara will be reducing her uni work load, which means more time for the kids, less stress, and we don’t need to live near the hospital this year!

Some of the things we are planning for this year include trying to make some money off my Hotspot Project (Grase) by renting out hardware running the software to businesses. So if you are looking at running a Wireless (WiFi) Hotspot in your businesses or organisation, please talk to me! Along with this I am going to “work” this year on the hotspot, scheduling in 2-3 days a week of time, some hopefully that’ll see lots of new features added, and big improvements.

We are also trying to move out of the city again (Toowoomba), into a more rural location. This is tricky because we still want to be close to our Church in Toowoomba. Ideally we’ll be moving closer to Sara’s family, so we can see them more than once a week.

The last 6 or so weeks have been really busy. We finished our year in Perth for 4 weeks with the wedding of Jun and Erin, lots of family time, and Christmas. We then flew home to QLD in time for New Years, and had Christmas with Sara’s family, followed by a short family holiday in the Bunya Mountains. We then drove to Canberra for the wedding of Naomi and Sam, and will be driving home to QLD shortly for a busy January including Youth Camp!

So that’s all for now, more to come later. Feel free to drop us a line if we haven’t updated often enough for you!

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