Life in the country

Uni has finished for the year. I am happy with this semesters results, 3 High Distinctions and a Distinction. Seeing as USQ’s cut offs for grade levels are higher than Curtin, it would have been 4 HD’s had I been at Curtin.

So what is life like living in the country?

Well firstly we have dodgy internet, and finally after 3 months we have found a spot for the modem that gets a stable connection. Stable enough that we might even be able to use it for VoIP! This is a good thing, as it also means I can finally work on the hotspot project without having internet problems. As uni is over, I’m making good progress on the hotspot.

Next, we have the chooks. We have 2 sitting chooks, sitting on what we can only presume to be fertilised eggs. We have a crow problem stealing our eggs, so thankfully these 2 chooks are doing a good job protecting their eggs. We have 2 other chooks laying eggs too, which means the egg count in the fridge is finally going up! Hardy the Rooster has been a little overprotective too, but seems to have calmed down in time to avoid the chop.

Molly our goat has lost her winter coat and looks a lot skinnier now! I’m sure the other day she wished she still had her winter coat as we had lots of rain. She still needs to be chained up all the time as she is an escape artist. Fences mean nothing to her, and the horses next door don’t like her. That means though that I have to keep finding new places I can attach a chain to, that are far enough away from a fence that she won’t go through the fence. And of course, she is always getting the chain tangled up. I’m glad it’s not a rope! She broke her collar the other day, which was lots of fun trying to catch her, she thought it was a great game running all over the paddock with me chasing her. Finally I called for Sara to help, and she walks out carrying Nathan, and Molly goes under the fence and walks right up to them like she had done nothing wrong!

Our water tank has overflowed again. Sara had a shower under the overflow pipe yesterday, it was pouring out! At least that means the downpipes aren’t blocked, and we don’t have to worry too much about water this summer.

Nathan is pulling himself up to standing using the couch, and then walking himself along the couch. He still refuses to sit though. Today he sat, but only long enough that he could put some piece of dirt in his mouth before he was off again in search for more things to put in his mouth. It won’t be too long before he’s walking outside with me to feed the animals, instead of being carried.

Christmas is coming, so the (small) Christmas tree is up along with some lights. We’d love to have some large durable nativity pieces, as we want to make an outdoor nativity scene near the front gate. Then some solar charged spotlights on it, and when people drive past they’ll see our nativity. So if you have some large nativity pieces you don’t use, or would love to make us some, then feel free!

Anyway, that is just a short update of life out here. Enjoy the festive season, but don’t forget the real reason for the season.


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