Dixon Wedding – 23rd January 2010

Sara and I had the privilege of taking the photos at Jacinta’s wedding earlier this year. While rather nervous about doing the photos (because no one wants to stuff up someones wedding photos), we prepared by taking the camera’s away with us to QLD and playing around with them taking photos of her family.

The day was perfect for photos, slightly overcast (with a few drops of rain when Jacinta and the Bridal Party arrived) which made lighting conditions perfect for photos. Getting the group shots done was a bit of a hassle trying to get all the family members for each shot together, with some people wondering off thinking their photos had finished when they had only just started! Eventually though, it was just us and the bridal party, and the fun photos could begin! We also did the reception photos which was a learning experience, but overall rather rewarding in the end.

I think the most fun though, was going through the 2000 photos when we got home, (some that same night, the rest the next morning), then going through them and editing our favourite ones into artistic shots.

You can see a selection of the photos online, but we ask that you don’t reproduce (print/copy) them without permission. To discourage this we have uploaded lower quality photos, and the original high quality photos have been given to Jacinta. If you wish to make prints, please contact us or Jacinta and I’m sure we’d be more than happy to give you high quality versions at no cost, so you can make decent prints. Commercial use of the photos would be decided on a case by case basis.


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