Uni has started

So, to add to our already busy lives, Uni has officially started. Thankfully our timetables aren’t that bad, and are mostly in the morning, so we can attempt to work most afternoons. It also means that we can drive to uni as we often start around the same time. Parking is hectic though. Still, early mornings and late beds isn’t something I do too well, so I’m already feeling tired half way through week 1!

It’s a little strange having spent basically 24hours a day with sara over the last 4 months, to suddenly have lectures and tuts and everything apart. And due to our timetables, we hardly have any common freetime at uni together, although hopefully we’ll be able to work together in the afternoons.

Anyway. That’s all for this short update. I’m off to check my lecture notes then off to my lecture.


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