Back in South East QLD

We’re back in QLD… again.  It feels like over the last five or so months we’ve just been yoyoing back and forth.  But that’s all about to change soon, and then we’ll miss it.

It’s been raining a lot here in SE QLD.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I’m going to miss it like crazy when we leave.  Everything is really green.  While I was in Perth, it rained for half a day.  The downside being that while it’s really wet here, our days are excruciatingly humid.  I was worried that Spring Bluff would be dried out over summer though.  We went up there a few days ago with Lucy, Sonya and my ‘wedding planner’ leader girl (Thanks Lauren, you’re a champ)  and it was perfect.  God’s watching out for us.  Now all we need is a really cool day for the wedding.

Tim has been getting some work with Peter, a friend of ours, doing antenna installations and tv repair stuff.  He’s enjoying the work, even though he’s dead tired after only a few days.  I’ve gotten a little bit of work with a lady that I know cleaning rental houses, which is also hard work, but its helping pay off the wedding costs.

Yesterday was my 18th.  I worked all day, and then came home and did wedding planning stuff.  I’m celebrating it today.  In a few hours, we’re going to have a BBQ, and then go on a car rally, searching for clues and stuff.  My lovely ‘wedding planner’ and my gorgeous fiance figured it out for me.  I even got a present from Tim this year.  And trust me, that is an achievement.  Have you ever played the game Carcassonne?  It’s a game where you build the board with tiles as you go… Sound confusing?  It’s really not.  It’s a blast.  The Neales introduced me to it.  Tim even promised to learn how to play.

Wedding plans are going pretty well.  We’ve been meeting with a whole lot of people, our pastor, photographers, dress alterations lady, local florist.  The bridesmaids dresses have been brought home.  Everything is just falling into place.  There are lots of small things left to do, but its coming together.  It’s actually happening.

I’m not the only one facing the Wedding bells either.  One of my awesome friends from Michigan, America also got engaged last week.  They’re hoping to get married sometime between June and September.  I went to look at flight prices (Just let me dream okay) and you can get return tickets to America for under $1000 on a good day now.  That’s incredible! Flying is becoming cheaper everyday.

Maybe I am addicted to travel.  I miss Cambodia like anything.  Just random things that come back to me every now and again.  Riding on bicycles everywhere.  Having cheap corner shops just about everywhere.  The smell, the kids faces, the language hassles.  Not the food.  I still don’t miss the food.  🙂

So that’s a quick update from me.  (I’m doing much better at blogging than Tim is)
Hopefully I’ll catch you again soon.


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