Nathan Ezekiel Toby White – April 20th 2010

Today, April 20th 2010, at 12:27pm, Nathan Ezekiel Toby White was born. After almost 12 hours from waters breaking and contractions starting, Nathan was born. Nathan was 3.625 Kg (~8lb).

It was a beautiful (but intense) natural waterbirth at home.  Sara and Nathan are both doing fine, although we are all very tired. We’ve already had a nap this afternoon, and will be having an early night tonight.

Because labour started nice and early in the morning, Sara got very little sleep. So at 6am this morning we all got in the car and headed to Kings park to watch the sunrise. We then headed to the bell tower and walked around, before stopping at Heirisson island (inbetween the 2 causeway bridges) to have a walk. We visited the kangaroo’s, and nicknamed one itchy and scratchy. He kept itching different parts of himself, and when we itched his private area, Kim told him that it wasn’t appropriate, so he kinda put is head under is arm in a kinda of embarrassed “I’m hiding myself” pose. The walking increased the intensity of Sara’s contractions so we headed to the shops to get some food and some needed essentials before heading home. It wasn’t too much longer before the midwife arrived, and soon we were preparing the birthing pool. The rest happened rather quickly, and beautiful Nathan was born! More photos will follow soon.

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